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No Waste of HQ Bonus on Cityville

If you have played Cityville for not less than a week or two, you may already have seen or used the HQ that becomes available after reaching a certain level or after doing some quest or requirements for your city. If you have indeed used the HQ then you will know that when you place it on your city, it gives certain percentage bonus to the stores that are placed near the HQ.

By exploiting this in-game benefit that Zynga has provided on the game, one can earn a lot more money on the game. Please take note however that this is not a Cityville Cheats. It's just one way of playing smart. For cheats, hacks and other tips and tricks on this game, read the other posts on this site.

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There are tons of Cityville Cheats that you can find on the internet but after trying most of them, there's only one great and 100% working guide that helped me get from level 10-60 in just two weeks! My friends who have been playing for months had their jaws dropped when they saw how cool my city looked with all those most-sought-after high-level and expensive buildings on my city turning it into a wonderland for Cityville fans.

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When I tried this Cityville Cheats that my friend showed me, I was skeptical at first on how effective the guide really is. There's been more than 5 guides that I have read and tried to follow but most are just for learning the basics of the game, how to conserve energy, when to visit neighbors and the likes. These things can't be considered Cityville Hacks since everyone knows about it. It does help you get better in game but more often than not, your friends already knows about this Cityville techniques that you still end up being the lowest level no matter how hard you try. That is what happened to me. Till I was able to read "The" guide...

Do You Really Need a Cityville Cheat?

I have been playing online games for quite some time now and I have lots of knowledge regarding the brand new games including Mafia Wars, FarmVille, FrontierVille and other social networking site games. And I get a bit surprised each time these CityVille guides begin to pop out all of a sudden from everywhere. It is no shocker why people want to go on and finds some tips regarding games like Mafia wars, but do people really need Cityville Cheats?

I admit, I haven’t played the game until now because I did not think that it would have such a complex structure.  So I searched the game and wanted to give it a try to make me see what the deal really was. But to my surprise, my resources got depleted and I did not have any coins to spend and the goods that seemed aplenty are now gone. It was really not as simple as it had seemed, I admit.

Cityville Cheats

Cityville Cheats - Facebook games have become very popular these last few years and it is one of the main reason for the huge popularity of Facebook. I for one started using it only due to the games that I have seen my friends playing everyday. One of my favorite game is Cityville. It's one of the latest game from Zynga, the creator of other famous games like Farmville, Frontierville and a lot more.

Looking for decent Cityville Cheats on the internet is not so easy. I for one have searched the web for months hoping to find some tutorials on how to be better on this game, gain some advantage from my friends who have been playing for months and have way too high levels for me to reach on a short period of time. I guess that's the main reason why gamers wants to find Cityville Hacks right?

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